Town Shopper Cooperative Booklet Direct Mail Marketing

Town Shopper Cooperative Booklet

Cooperative Mailers

Cooperative advertising means you share the costs of a marketing campaign with other companies. Our co-op booklet is a collection of pre-printed inserts bound in a booklet and mailed to a specific, demographically-targeted group. Because the booklet is shared with other businesses, the postage, printing, labels & labeling, mailing and lettershop costs are all shared, resulting in substantial savings over individual direct mail campaigns.

For example, you can mail our cooperative direct mail booklet with your custom created coupon 7 times a year for less than the cost of mailing a solo piece once.

Coupons Influence Where Consumers Shop

As trends reveal, coupons are still the driving force in commerce that connects people (and their wallets) to brands.

What that means to you

An impactful coupon strategy can simply be the difference between people buying from your business or going to your competitor. Despite their age, education level, or economic status, consumers love getting a great deal on what they are buying. Coupons help attract new customers and retain your existing ones, making them a key piece of any successful marketing strategy. If you’d like to start incorporating coupon marketing into your direct mail strategy, contact SMARTmarketing today to schedule a consultation with one of our account specialists.

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Town Shopper Quick Facts

  • 3.625" by 8.75" Coupon Booklet
  • Direct Mailed 7 Times A Year
  • Reach Anywhere From 10,000 to 130,000 Household
  • Starting At Only 4 Cents Per Home
Town Shopper Cooperative Booklet Direct Mail Marketing
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