Big Sheet Co-Op Postcard Direct Mail

Big Sheet Co-Op Postcard Direct Mail

Why the Big Sheet?

Multiple formats make direct mailing versatile and cost-effective. The extensive variety of formats and options, from postcards and big sheets, to booklets and inserts, makes direct mailing a suitable strategy for almost any application.

A few key advantages to the Big Sheet

  • The Big Sheet Cooperative postcard has the potential of being noticed by others in the office or at home. We call this the pass-along effect. Imagine: if you walk into a peer's office and see a letter or envelope that interests you, you would not pick it up and read it. That would be rude. But if a postcard is laying there, you might very well pick it up and read it because a postcard is not seen as personal. A nosey peer works to your advantage as a marketer because now the postcard is getting more eyeballs than just the target recipient.
  • At 6.6%, oversized mailers have the greatest household response rates over other mediums (followed by postcards at 5.7% and letter-sized envelopes at 4.3%).*
  • Postcards are inexpensive to print, easy to mail, and have a higher chance of being viewed by recipients since they aren’t hiding in envelopes. And when you are sharing the costs with other businesses, a co-op postcard is, even more, cost-effective for your company.

Whether you’re keeping customers happy with your product or stealing them away from the competition, coupons can impact the success of your marketing strategy, specifically your direct mail campaigns. People will never stop trying to save money, and companies are always looking to bring in new customers.

Coupons Encourage New and Repeat Business

Studies show that coupons are directly responsible for keeping customers loyal to your company. While consumers may love you today, a valuable coupon from your competitor could steal them away tomorrow. One of the best – and easiest – ways to keep customers in your place of business is by offering coupons via direct mail that is more valuable than anyone else’s.

Cooperative Direct Mail is Measurable

The success of direct mail can be measured without complex analytics. To track the success rate of a direct mail campaign, you only need to count the number of inquiries made or coupons redeemed from a given mail piece. At 37%, oversized mailers have the greatest household return on investment over other mediums (followed by postcards and letter-sized envelopes at 29%).*

Your oversized postcard will help to differentiate itself from the crowd for about a 10th of a second. This 10th of a second is a vital key to the success of your mailing campaign.

Since The Big Sheet is a limited space product, all space must be contracted in advance. Reserve space now to ensure availability!


Big Sheet Quick Facts

  • 15" by 12" Postcard - You Can't Miss This in the Mailbox!
  • Direct Mailed Every Two Months
  • 7,000 Households per Zone
  • Targeted to Middle and Upper Income Postal Carrier Routes
  • Choose Banner Ad, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or Full Page of Each Side
Big Sheet Co-Op Postcard Direct Mail
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