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  • Saturate an area with direct mail advertising.

Increased Awareness • Increased Response • Increased Business

After over 30 years in business we have found the ideal number of times to mail your message to potential customers. The Town Shopper coupons appear in the mailbox seven times a year, about six to seven weeks between mailers. Consumers do not get oversaturated, and we find that the offers are effective clear up to the expiration. A lot of our companies get a rush toward the end of the cycle.

Town Shopper Envelope 2018 schedule

Download a PDF of our 2018 mailing schedule.

Target Marketing in the Tri-County Area

Serving: Trumbull and Mahoning Counties in Ohio and Sharon & Hermitage, PA. You can reach as many as 130,000 homes or as few as 10,000 homes in your immediate area. To ensure maximum coverage area we review our delivery map regularly. Target the customer right around your business to build a core base of consumers. Marketing on a regular basis will help build brand awareness. Contact SMARTmarketing co. today to schedule a consultation with one of our account specialists. Every insert in our envelopes is high-gloss, giving your company a high-quality image in our mailer.

Saturate an area with direct mail advertising.

Download a PDF of our 2018 mailing map.

For more details contact us at 330 799-2828

Our Mailing Areas

Poland - 10,000 Homes (44514,44471)

Boardman - 15,000 Homes (44511,44512)

Canfield/Boardman West - 10,000 Homes (44406, 44512)

NW Austintown/ N. Jackson/ Mineral Ridge - 10,000 Homes (44440, 44451, 44515)

SE Austintown/ Cornersburg - 10,000 Homes (44406, 44509, 44511, 44515)

Warren N.W./Champion - 10,000 Homes (44481, 44483, 44485)

Warren East/Howland - 15,000 Homes (44483, 44484)

Niles - 10,000 Homes (44446)

Girard/Liberty - 10,000 Homes (44420, 44437, 44505)

Hubbard/Brookfield - 10,000 Homes (44403, 44425, 44473, 44505)

Sharon/Hermitage - 10,000 Homes (16146, 16148, 16150)

Cortland/Trumbull North - 10,000 Homes (44418, 44402, 44410, 44417, 44450, 44470)

Target Marketing

Direct Mail to Poland, Boardman, Canfield, Austintown, North Jackson, Mineral Ridge, Warren, Champion, Howland, Niles, Girard, Liberty, Hubbard, Brookfield, Cortland OH and Sharon, Hermitage PA

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